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A registered brand, or trademark, is a proof of ownership of your intangible asset, that gives you exclusive and excluding use on national territory.

Registro de Marca

Why is a trademark important?

Consumers that are satisfied with a product or service tend to buy it again and recommend it, and for that is indispensable that they can remember and distinguish it from similar alternatives.

Why should I register my trademark?

A trademark gives value to your brand and provides legal protection, preventing others from copying your brand, or confuse consumers with a similar one. It's also a must for investors or for obtaining public funding for your enterprise.

Registering your trademark today is way cheaper than having a third party register it tomorrow.

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Trademark registration process

We go with you from the first step

  • Examen de Registrabilidad

    Registrability Report

    Verification that the brand complies with the legal requirements to be registered, and of the abscense of other trademarks that may arise objections or oppositions.

  • Registro de marca

    Filing for Registration

    Presentation of the aforegoings of the applicant trademark before INAPI. Also the rate of 1 UTM (~70USD) must be paid for each class.

  • Publicación en el Diario Oficial

    Publishing in the Official Gazzete

    Once formal examination is passed, applicant trademark must be published in the Official Gazzete, which cost varies according to the extension.

  • Oposiciones y observaciones

    Oppositions and objections

    30 working days term for third parties to oppose to the applicant trademark registration, and finally INAPI may dictate substance objections over it.

  • Registro exitoso

    End of Registration

    If there is no opposition or substance objections, or if they are overcome in the legal process, INAPI will grant the brand. The rate of 2 UTMs (~140USD) must be paid for each class.

  • Título de marca

    Trademark title and custody

    We hand you the property title on your trademark, which attests your ownership for ten years, and provide free custody for it for one year.

Our service: Trademark Registration

We take care of the whole trademark registration process, until the handing of the property title of your trademark.

Registramos tu marca

Guarantee of Success

With us, you only pay the total amount for the service if the registration is succesful. This way you have absolute certainty that we want to register your tradermark as much as you do.

What our clients say about us

The following testimonials correspond to translations from Spanish:

Juan Manuel Pozo M.

I recommend them 100%

Their services were excellent. At all times they kept us informed of the development of the process and the recommendations from the professionals that took our case were very effective. I recommend them 100%.

— Juan Manuel Pozo M.

Mauricio Moreno S.

The follow-up was impeccable

Information was always provided clearly and on time. Follow-up of the process was impeccable, throughout the whole time I felt supported, more like dealing with a partner rather than just a service provider. I noted consistently that they cared about the result of the process as if it was their own.

— Mauricio Moreno S.

Zvonko Pino V.

Clarity and good communication

From the beginning to the succesfull end of our defense there was good communication, clarity in the required aforegoings and stages involved in the process. Another important aspect, clarity and transparency regarding the costs and deadlines involved. The experience of Andrés gave us tranquility while waiting for the result.

— Zvonko Pino V.

Elizabeth Muena

Happy to have found them

We checked their website and realized they were pro entrepreneurs, which motivated us to contact them, besides the fair price of their services. In short happy to have found them, simply thank you and totally recommended.

— Elizabeth Muena

Camila Monje

My experience was excellent

My experience was excellent. Fast and efficient in answering whenever we needed something. Always capable of explaining what would happen without the need of face-to-face meetings. Super correct and clear with the costs from beforehand, also a very affordable price. I recommend them 100%.

— Camila Monje

Natalia Sobrino

Legal help you can trust

They were super clear with the information at all times, they helped me clear my doubts and above all very affordable. For entrepreneurs it's very important to be able to count on legal help, trustworthy and at reasonable price. I recommend their service 100%

— Natalia Sobrino

Manuel Aránguiz C.

We absolutely recommend them

They explained us the problem in a simple way, what it was and how could we solve it. We won the trial against nothing less than the European giant Total S.A., represented by Sargent & Krahn law firm. The service was more than satisfying and we absolutely recommend it.

— Manuel Aránguiz C.

Josefina Aguirre U.

Responsible and trustworthy

I hired them for my trial against Nestlé, which I believed I had very little chances of winning, but the result was succesfull. They are responsible and trustworthy.

— Josefina Aguirre U.

Manuel León S.

I hired them and forgot about the issue

Succesfull, economical and comfortable, because the moment I hired them I could forget about the whole thing, with no more paperwork nor time wasting. I recommend them completely.

— Manuel León S.

Marina Arrieta

Very sure of trusting their work

My experience was a relief and a rest, because they took care of everything and for me it was one less worry. Totally recommended and very sure of trusting their work.

— Marina Arrieta

Miguel Jaramillo B.

Professionalism and responsiblity

I realized the good job they do and the professionalism and responsability with which they face the cases. Finally, the defense was won thanks to their work.

— Miguel Jaramillo B.

Paulina Briones

They are everything they say they are

Their initial proposition was always clear and I felt confidence in their work. They won quickly and efficiently my trial and at a super affordable price. I recommend them because they are everything they say they are: transparent, efficient and cordial.

— Paulina Briones

Soraya Jadue

They did everything to win the case

Ny experience was very good. They always responded in a fast and efficient way my requeriments. They did everything to win the case with the evidence we could gather.

— Soraya Jadue

Harún Oda

Solid, efficient and succesfull.

My experience was of a didactic and timely orientation, that allowed me to defend myself against a big company, in a solid, efficient and succesfull way. It is one of the few times that David beats the current Goliath.

— Harún Oda

Jorge Álvarez

High level, impeccable service

High level, impeccable service. I never believed we were going to be able to win the trial against a big company, with many possibilities and resources to beat us. Widely recommended and very trustworthy.

— Jorge Álvarez

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